Sou'Wester Stout

Sou'Wester Stout
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The Sou'Wester stout is our latest release - brewed just in time for winter. This is a chocolate stout that we have brewed that uses a large amount of chocolate malt and quaility Belgian cocoa to drive that chocolate flavour.


A stout is a naturally dark beer and the addtional cocoa has lightened the colour to dark chocolate - what else !


The aroma is a subtle hints of roast and of course a touch of chocolate. The aroma doesn't diminish and with a little warming can remind you of a coffee house (PS - Stout should be served a little warmer than many hotels serve their beers)


A complex mix of the normal roast flavours of a stout and a beautifully balanced smooth chocolate finish to savour

Overall impression

A complex beer that combines the best of a traditional stout and a modern touch of chocolate. The flavour and warmth makes it a perfect drink for a cold day and is a great match with a rich desert (think of berries and chocolate together!)

We have packed all this into a beer that is still only 4.6% alcohol


Sou'Wester Stout